Improve Product Quality

Our experts improves the product quality such as improving the colour & odor of pyrolysis oil,maximizing the yield of the product,etc.

Our experts that to improve product conversion, to improve catalyst selectivity, To improve yield of chemical process as well as unit process & unit operation etc. Our team have professional experience of research & development in chemical engg. Field. Experts able to calculate heat transfer, mass transfer & process calculations such as recycled ratio, Material Balances without Chemical Reactions, material balance calculations, recycling and bypassing operations, Material Balances involving Chemical Reactions Concept, electrochemical reactions, energy and Thermo chemistry, energy balances, heat capacity of pure substances and mixtures, latent heats, enthalpy of pure substances and mixtures, absolute enthalpy, heat of reaction, adiabatic reactions, thermo chemistry of mixing processes, dissolution, liquid-liquid mixtures, gas-liquid systems, Distillation, absorption and stripping, extraction and leaching, crystallization, drying, evaporation, Combustion calculations etc.

Water Purification

Water pollution is a major global problem which requires ongoing evaluation and revision of water resource policy at all levels (international down to individual aquifers and wells). Water treatment plants offered by us have own appreciations in national and international market for their efficiency, low manpower and energy consumption, quality testing facilities, easy installation facilities and functionality. Range of products offered includes:

1.  Packaged Drinking Water System: Utility Accessories, Mineral Water System, Packaging Your Products with Hygienic Filler, Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine, Semi Automatic Blow Machine, Auto Blow Molding Machine, Bottle Filler & 20 Liter Jar Filling Machine, Glass Filling Machine, Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine etc.

2. Industrial Reverse Osmosis System: RO PLANT.

3. Industrial Water Softening System: Industrial Water Softening Plant, Water Softening System.

4. Filtration System: Auto Filtration, Sand Carbon Micron Filtration System.

5. Demineralization System: Water Demineralization System, Demineralization System.

6. Swimming Pool Filtration System.

7. Waste Water Recycling Plant.

8. Seawater Desalination System.

9. Hydro Penumatics Systems: Booster.

Waste Water Treatments

We are one of the leading manufacturer and designer of a wide range of high quality Waste Water Recycling Plants. Based on biological, chemical, physical and membrane/ion exchange processes these products are engineered using efficient machinery and high quality raw materials. Known for their ability to purify colloidal and suspended impurities from waste waters, these products are brought into application in a variety of industries. Ability to remove viruses, bacteria and other inorganic and organic germs makes these products one of the most appreciated products in the industry.

We also offer customized solutions of our products as per specifications of our clients. Plants offered by us are durable, reliable and easy to handle and are used in chemical, textile, food, mining and beverage sectors. Water treated by these plants are used for fire fighting, gardening and other such kind of non-portable applications.

The main features of our range of waste water recycling plants are:

1. Highly effective

2. Lesser power consumption

3. Manufactured using innovative technology

4. Lack of manpower

Air Pollution Solutions

Air pollution is one of the most serious problems in the world. It refers to the contamination of the atmosphere by harmful chemicals or biological materials. Air pollution is pollution of the air which can affect the health, survival, or activities of many organisms, including industrial employees.

We provide industrial air pollution projects as a emission control system for flue gasses, carbon dioxide, Sulfur oxides (SOx), Nitrogen oxides (NOx), Volatile organic compounds, Particulates, carbon monoxide etc. & methane storage system.

We provide industrial blowers and air pollution control equipments & systems that are widely applied in various areas. These can be provided in customized sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of the concerned industry. The areas where these are applied are as follows:

1. Foundries

2. Steel plants

3. Paper & pulp

4. Fertilizer

5. Textiles

6. Heat-treatment plants

7. Chemical processing

8. Cement

9. Power generation

10. Sugar

Used as a Raw material in Steel Industries, Metal Industries,Mechanical Industries.